Theme: Alternative Modes of Production

Sites of Impotentiality and Alternative Modes of Production  

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On the 11th of November 2011, Mavili Collective occupied the disused, historical building of Embros and proposed an intense 12-day “re-activation” programme. As it was stated in the opening document that was sent to press and public on the day of the occupation “We aim to re-activate this space temporarily with our own means and propose an alternative model of collective management, production structures and post-contemporary forms of creative work”

The twelve-day programme included performances, talks, workshops, discussions and publications and was supported by artists, theorists and the general public and produced a unique impact on Athens’s cultural scene.

Any model exploring change must itself change so in the months following the initial re-activation we have been involved in exploring the potentialities and impotetialities of continuity. What happens after the first impulse? How do we move on while retaining an identity? How do we continue to respond to the moment when the moments move so fast? What can we do?

Models, desires and actual conditions in Athens today seem all confusingly interwoven and yet we continue, carrying the same confusion, the same questions. We thought we could map this complex landscape of ideas and thinking and explore those questions through “a second re-activation programme”. Through this programme we aim to think collectively on the floor about artistic forms and formats and issues of sustainability, modes of operation, tactics and the potential alternative modes of production.

Giorgio Agamben discusses the notion of “impotentiality” as that which exists in any condition of “potentiality” – what is potential can both be and not be- and he claims that “to be free” is not simply to have the power to do this or that thing but “to be capable of ones own impotentiality, to be in relation to one’s own privation”.

For those 10 days in March 2012 testing the “potential” of that occupation and re-activation of Embros we will explore our many privations and “impotentialities” in order that “potential” tactics and uses might emerge producing temporally sites of negotiation, relation and reformulation.  


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Mavili Collective was formed during summer 2010 as an autonomous collective structure for emergent practitioners and came together in order to re-think and re-imagine the current Greek cultural landscape and propose structures, platforms collaborations, projects that produce new alternatives. Mavili Collective is committed to produce nomadic, autonomous collective cultural zones that appear and disappear beyond the logics of the market.