We re-activate the building of Embros and propose an alternative model of collective production and work structures as an intense 12-day programme. We aim to produce a public space for exchange, debate, meeting and re-thinking in order to respond to the changing cultural landscape. The programme consists of the following categories:

Afternoon Zone {12:00-14:00}: Open Classes
We invite academics from different fields to give a lecture in a different kind of classroom where classes are autonomous and open to all. Subject areas include approaches from architecture, performance studies, sociology, psychoanalysis etc

Afternoon Zone {15:00-17:00}: Live Archive 
The Live Archive is an attempt to document and archive “live” the currently undocumented Greek new work. Artists themselves are invited to present a previous production using a range of archival materials such as video, photos, texts, scores, initial thoughts and intentions, rehearsal diaries, reviews, audience impressions, collaborators memories, failures, actions and anything else that can map and “present” live the particular project. All “Live Archives” are archived and digitalized.

Afternoon Zone {17:00-20:00}: Debate
A different chair/responder proposes a debate between two or more presenters. This alternative panel proposes new approaches to urgent issues on art and performance and opens up to a public discussion.

Afternoon Zone {17:00-20:00}: Starting Principles 
Playing with the double meaning of the Greek word “arhes” -meaning both the beginning and working principles – artists, dance and theatre makers share personal methodologies, tactics and strategies for beginning a new project.

Evening Zone {21:00-23:00}: Own Goal
Artists from different disciplines experiment with new structures, hybrid forms and unexpected collaborations and propose short alternative performative formats. “Own goal” is an invitation to reverse certainties, challenge personal limits, artistic clichés and conventions.

Night Zone {23:00-01:00}: Home Video
A night for video in our new “home.” Different propositions for a night of collective watching that might include favourite film, special editions, documented performances etc

All day Zone: One day Residency
A visual artist has a one-day residency. In that time is invited to contribute to this re-activation by responding to what is happening around, by leaving a trace or a residue in the space. Everyday a different visual artist.

Autonomous Zone: (13 November): Political Discussion
After the conference Mavili Collective organised last January on “Cultural Policy in Greece and the contemporary production” (January 2011, BIOS] we continue the dialogue between artists, academics, producers and the public sector

Autonomous Zone (19 Νοvember): Chaos Days
Multiple actions, performances, gatherings, installations, social works, relational and live art events throughout the day in Embros building and in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Autonomous Zone: (20 November): Open Dialogues
Open Dialogues are an alternative model of exchange that propose small scale participatory interactions – a marathon of mini discussions on urgent issues around performing arts today. In different spaces around the building diverse groups collaborate and discuss. Everyone can be the chair or presenter of a discussion.

Autonomous Zone (23 November): Response – Feed back
Open discussion to re-think activities in relation to the 12-day pilot activation of the building. Thoughts for what’s next….


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Mavilli Collective

Mavili Collective was formed during summer 2010 as an autonomous collective structure for emergent practitioners and came together in order to re-think and re-imagine the current Greek cultural landscape and propose structures, platforms collaborations, projects that produce new alternatives. Mavili Collective is committed to produce nomadic, autonomous collective cultural zones that appear and disappear beyond the logics of the market.