Categories of activities

Categories of activities:

Own goal: Artists from different disciplines experiment with new structures, hybrid forms and unexpected collaborations and propose short alternative performative formats. “Own goal” is an invitation to reverse certainties, challenge personal limits, artistic clichés and conventions. Mavili Collective is re-using “own goal” for this second intense programme is also proposing -on a daily basis- a particular theme, stimulus and/or other (artistic) limitations.

East – West: An exploration of working conditions, educational contexts and sociopolitical situations. An attempt to map the changing cultural landscape of Greece, in between the East and the West. East-West will take various formats such as dialogues, discussions, presentations etc

Relational Moments and Practicalities: Mavili Collective and the growing community of supporters and friends will propose “moments of relationality” in operating the space’s functional needs e.g. the bar, cleaning, etc

Operational strategies: A series of presentations by different people, academics, collectives, networks and groups on self-organization, autonomy and precarious structures

Right to the City: A series of social works carried out by inhabitants and artists.

Access all areas: Embros is open and available for any spontaneous use or activity.

Cohabitation – One day Residency: Visual Artists are invited to be residents in Embros for a day. Collectively will negotiate how to present the potential outcome of their work.

Open dialogues: An alternative model for public discussion in smaller groups.


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Mavilli Collective

Mavili Collective was formed during summer 2010 as an autonomous collective structure for emergent practitioners and came together in order to re-think and re-imagine the current Greek cultural landscape and propose structures, platforms collaborations, projects that produce new alternatives. Mavili Collective is committed to produce nomadic, autonomous collective cultural zones that appear and disappear beyond the logics of the market.